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Resources for the Meetings and Minutes Workshop are available as follows:
 Meetings and Minutes Workshop Presentation
 Templates - Meeting Planning
 Meeting Checklist
 Agenda Schedule (forward planning for the year)
 Matters Arising and Business Carried Forward (formal meetings)
 Action Sheet (less formal, with traffic lights)
 Shell Minute Template
 Templates - Papers for Submission
 Templates for Meeting Papers (used by Council, MB & SLT) 
 Template Directions
 Risk Matrix and Likelihood Rating
 Council Agendas and Minutes
 Council Membership
 Council Committee Terms of Reference and Membership
 Council & Committtees Meeting Dates
 Academic Board Agenda and Minutes
 Academic Board Membership
 Academic Board 2020 Meeting Dates
 UNSW Rules contain Terms of Reference for Academic Board, University Committees and Faculty Committees.