Policy Hierarchy

Policy Hierarchy


Codes are approved by Council and set out a framework for behaviour that is necessary to meet the core values and obligations of the University. Codes are always University-wide in their application. There are currently 3 Codes at the University; a Staff Code of Conduct, a Student Code of Conduct and a Research Code of Conduct.


Policies set out the principles and standards that govern and guide conduct and decision making in a particular context. Policies are always University-wide in their application and must be high level and principles-based, expressing the objectives and intentions of the University.


Procedures are operational documents that describe processes and actions required to enable the implementation of a Policy. A Procedure may also be written to ensure compliance with legislative requirements.


Standards are documents published under the authority of a recognised body setting out specifications and procedures designed to ensure products, services and systems are safe, reliable and consistently perform the way they were intended to. They establish a common language which defines quality and safety criteria. In the context of the University, Standards are mandatory operational documents reflecting recognised good practice and informed by legal requirements, scientific and industry experience. The University’s Standards are approved and issued by a university committee or group with relevant subject-matter expertise. They establish specifications as to what is to be conformed to and/or how to enable the implementation of a University-wide Policy or Procedure. A Standard may be supported by a Guideline which outlines how to comply with the Standard.


Guidelines provide detail and context for particular matters that are generally the subject of legislation, a Policy or Procedure. Guidelines provide a clear pathway for staff and students to follow in order to give effect to a legislative obligation of the University, or a Policy or Procedure. Following Guidelines will ensure compliance with the relevant University (or Local) obligation, Policy, Procedure or Standard.

Local Documents

Procedures and Guidelines may be created which are specific to a particular Division, Faculty or School. These are referred to as Local Documents.
Refer to the Local Documents section on this website for further information.