Policy List

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Academic Freedom and Freedom of Speech Code of Conduct
Academic Offerings Approval Procedure
Academic Offerings Governance Policy
Academic Offerings Nomenclature Procedure
Academic Offerings Review Procedure
Academic Progression Procedure
Academic Progression and Enrolment Policy
Academic Promotions Policy
Academic Promotions Procedure
Acceptable Use of UNSW Information and Communication Technology Resources Policy
Acceptable Use of UNSW Information and Communication Technology Resources Procedures
Accounting Policy
Accounts Payable Procedure
Acquisition and Management of Faculty/Department Vehicles Procedure
Admission to Coursework Programs Procedure
Admission to Higher Degree Research Programs Procedure
Admissions Policy
Animal Research Ethics Procedure
Anti-Racism Policy
Archives Access Guideline
Archives Acquisition Guideline
Art Collection Procedure
Assessment Design Procedure
Assessment Implementation Procedure
Assessment Policy
Branded Media Policy
Breastfeeding Guidelines
Business Expense Policy
Business Expense Procedure
COVID-19 Policy Addendum
Career Advancement Fund Procedure for Female Academics During or Returning from Maternity/Adoption Leave
Centres and Institutes Procedure
Cloud Services Guidelines
Code of Conduct
Cold Storage Procedure
Community Fundraising Procedure
Competitive Neutrality and Pricing Policy
Complaint Management Policy
Complaint Management Procedure (External)
Complaints - Unreasonable Complainant Conduct Procedure
Conditions for Award of Doctor of Philosophy Policy
Conditions for Award of Higher Doctorates Policy
Conditions for Award of Master by Research Policy
Conditions for Award of Master of Philosophy Policy
Conferring Academic Titles Policy
Conferring Academic Titles Procedure
Conflict of Interest Disclosure and Management Policy
Conflict of Interest Disclosure and Management Procedure
Copyright Ownership Guidelines
Council Chamber Use Policy
Coursework Scholarships Procedure
Credit Card Policy
Credit Card Procedure
Data Breach Management Procedure
Data Breach Policy
Data Classification Standard
Data Governance Policy
Data Handling Guidelines
Disability Travel Assistance Fund for Academic Staff with Disabilities - Procedure
Domestic Violence Support Policy
Domestic Violence Support Procedure
Dual Award Programs with International Partners Guideline
Early Career Academic Support Guideline
Early Career Academic Support Policy
Education Quality Policy
Education Quality Procedure
Email Policy
Engaging Agency Staff Procedure
Enrolment and Withdrawal Procedure
Environmental Risk Rating Procedure
Environmental Sustainability Policy
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Policy
Facilities and Resources to Support Higher Degree Research Candidates Guideline
Fleet Management Policy
Flexible Work Guidelines
Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy
Gift Acceptance Policy
Gifts and Benefits Policy
Gifts and Benefits Procedure
Graduation Procedure
Health and Safety - Guidelines
Health and Safety - Procedures
Health and Safety Policy
Higher Degree Research Admissions and Pathways Guideline
Higher Degree Research Scholarships Policy
Higher Degree Research Scholarships Procedure
Higher Degree Research Supervision Guidelines
Higher Degree Research Supervision Policy
Higher Degree Research Supervision Procedure
Honorary Degree and Honorary Fellowship Procedure
Human Research Ethics Procedure
IT Requirements for UNSW Students Policy
IT Security Policy
IT Security Standards
Indoor Thermal Comfort Review Procedure
Injury Management Program Procedure
Insider Trading Policy
Insider Trading Policy Guidelines
Intellectual Property Policy
Intellectual Property: Guidelines for the Disbursement of Net Revenue from IP Commercialisation
Intellectual Property: Procedure for Disclosing and Exploiting IP
Internal Audit Charter
International Memorandum of Understanding & Student Agreement Policy
International Memorandum of Understanding & Student Agreement Procedure
International Student Transfer between Registered Providers and PRISMS Reporting Procedure
International Students Under the Age of 18 years - Welfare, Support & Accommodation Arrangements Procedure
Investment Policy
Joint PhD Program Policy
Joint PhD Program Procedure
Legislative Compliance Policy
Legislative Compliance Procedure
Microcredentials and Short Courses Procedure
Minimum Recommended IT Specifications for UNSW Students (2008) Guideline
Modern Slavery Prevention Policy
Museums and Collections Policy
myExperience Survey Procedure
Naming Recognition Policy
Open Access Policy
Open Access and UNSWorks Guidelines
Oral Examination Procedure
Paid Outside Work by Academic Staff Policy
Paid Outside Work for Clinical Academics Guidelines
Peer Review - Responsible Peer Review Procedure
Plagiarism Management Procedure
Plagiarism Policy
Policy Framework Policy
Policy Framework Procedure
Pool Vehicle Procedure
Pricing of Externally Funded Knowledge Exchange Procedure
Privacy Policy
Prizes Procedure
Procurement Policy
Procurement Procedure
Program Delivery Procedure
Program Design Procedure
Program Design and Delivery Policy
Radiation Research Safety Procedure
Reasonable Adjustment Guidelines for Managers of Staff and Potential Staff with Disabilities
Receipting and Administration of UNSW Fundraising Income Procedure
Recognition of Prior Learning (Coursework Programs) Procedure
Record Appraisal Procedure
Record Security Guideline
Record Titling Guideline
Recordkeeping Policy
Recordkeeping Standard
Regular Team Meetings Policy
Regulated Biological Materials Research Procedure
Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Procedure
Report Wrongdoing Policy
Report Wrongdoing Procedure
Representation on UNSW Committees and Decision-Making Bodies Procedure
Required Medical Leave Procedure
Research - Authorship and Resolving Disputes Between Authors Procedure
Research - Handling Research Material & Data Procedure
Research Code of Conduct
Research Data Governance & Materials Handling Policy
Research Export Controls Procedure
Research Misconduct Procedure
Research Progress Review and Confirmation of Research Candidatures Procedure
Return to Work Program Procedure
Risk Management Policy
Roles and Responsibilities of Postgraduate Research Coordinators Guideline
Salary Sacrifice (Novated Vehicles) Guideline
Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Policy
Show Cause for Research Candidates Guideline
Signing of Agreements and Seal Procedure
Smoke-Free Environment Policy
Space Management Policy
Space Management Procedure
Special Consideration - Illness and Misadventure Policy
Sponsorship with the Tobacco Industry Policy
Staff Complaint Procedure
Student Code of Conduct
Student Complaint Procedure
Student Critical Incident Procedure
Student Fee Policy
Student Fee Procedure
Student Loans Procedure
Student Misconduct Procedure
Student at Risk Procedure
Thesis Examination Procedure
Third-Party Agreement Recordkeeping Guideline
Travel Policy
Travel Procedure
Treasury Policy
Treasury Procedure
UNSW Guidelines for Commercial Activities
UNSWorks Digital Preservation Policy
UNSWorks Digital Preservation Procedure
University Medal Policy
University Medal Procedure
Variation of Candidature Procedure
Website Domain Application Procedure
Work Integrated Learning Procedure
zID Usage Guideline