Drafts for Consultation

The draft Work Integrated Learning Procedure is now available for comment. Several supporting documents (in draft form) can be accessed via links in the Procedure.
To comment on the draft Work Integrated Learning Procedure please complete the Feedback Form and return it to Trish Pender at: t.pender@unsw.edu.au. Email or PDF submissions will not be accepted.
The draft supporting documents are provided for context only and are not open for formal consultation. If you have comments on these documents please forward them directly to Leanne Piggott at: l.piggott@unsw.edu.au.
Note that submissions, including the names of those who provided feedback, will be reported to the University Academic Quality Committee and Academic Board Programs Committee.
Submissions close 5pm Friday 21 September 2018

 Flexible Work Procedure   Comments on this draft Procedure should be sent to workplace.diversity@unsw.edu.au by 5pm Friday 21 September 2018


Annual Monitoring

The University Academic Quality Committee (UAQC) oversees the monitoring, review and improvement of education- and student-related policy. As part of the monitoring process, feedback on policy documents will be sought approximately one year after approval to check if they are meeting their objectives, they are being implemented and complied with, and to identify any issues to be addressed. Reports on the outcomes of the monitoring process, along with any recommendations, will be considered by UAQC.
Feedback is currently invited on the following policy documents:

No documents are currently available


Consultation has closed for

Date closed        
9 August 2018 Regular Team Meetings Hours Policy
8 August 2018 zID Usage Guideline
30 July 2018
Program Design and Delivery Policy
Program Design Procedure
Program Delivery Procedure
9 July 2018
Cold Storage Procedure
26 June 2018
Complaint Management Policy
Complaint Management Procedure
Unreasonable Complainant Conduct Procedure
21 June 2018
Travel Policy
Travel Procedure
15 June 2018 Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Procedure
8 June 2018 Business Expense Procedure
8 June 2018 Higher Degree Research Supervision Guidelines
6 April 2018 Early Career Academic Support Guideline
6 April 2018 Data Breach Policy
6 April 2018 Research Data Governance Policy
3 April 2018 Return to Work Program Procedure
23 February 2018 HS908 Cleaning in Moderate to High Risk UNSW Facilties Procedure
31 January 2018
Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Policy
Sexual Misconduct Reporting (Portal) Procedure
30 January 2018 Thesis Examination Procedure