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18 January 2022
Admission to Higher Degree Research Procedure
Conditions of Award of Professional Doctorate Policy
17 December 2021 Controlled Entities Procedure
10 December 2021
Flexible Work Policy
10 November 2021
Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace Prevention and Management Policy
1 November 2021
Paid Outside Work by Academic Staff Policy
Key changes from current Paid Outside Work Policy
26 October 2021 Staff Data Retention Procedure - Home Drives, Office 365 & One Drive
18 October 2021
Research Authoriship, Publication & Dissemination Policy
Research Publication Dispute Management Procedure
15 October 2021 Branded Media Policy
4 October 2021 Open Access Policy
17 September 2021
Naming Recognition Policy
30 August 2021
Microcredentials and Short Courses Procedure
9 July 2021
Anti-Racism Policy
8 July 2021
Co-Location of External Organisations at UNSW Policy
Co-Location of External Organisations at UNSW Procedure
28 May 2021
Higher Degree Research Scholarships Policy
Higher Degree Research Scholarships Procedure
21 April 2021
Signing of Agreements and Seal Procedure and Frequently Asked Questions
1 April 2021 Recordkeeping Policy
19 March 2021
Academic Freedom and Freedom of Speech Code of Conduct
19 March 2021
Admission to Higher Degree Research Programs Procedure
10 March 2021 Flexible Work Policy
16 February 2021 Investment Policy