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Annual Monitoring

The University Academic Quality Committee (UAQC) oversees the monitoring, review and improvement of education- and student-related policy. As part of the monitoring process, feedback on policy documents will be sought approximately one year after approval to check if they are meeting their objectives, they are being implemented and complied with, and to identify any issues to be addressed. Reports on the outcomes of the monitoring process, along with any recommendations, will be considered by UAQC.
Feedback is currently invited on the following policy documents:

No documents are currently available


Consultation has closed for

Date closed        
17 July 2020
Modern Slavery Prevention Policy
17 July 2020
HS337 Health and Safety Consultation and Issue Resolution Procedure
13 July 2020
Conditions for Award of Doctor of Philosophy Policy
Show Cause for Research Candidates Guideline
Roles and Responsibilities of Postgraduate Research Coordinators Guideline
8 July 2020
Higher Degree Research Supervision Policy
Higher Degree Research Supervision Procedure
29 June 2020
Return to Work Program Procedure
2 June 2020
Injury Management Program Procedure
19 May 2020 Report Wrongdoing Procedure
8 May 2020 Sponsorship Guidelines
27 March 2020 Student Plagiarism Procedure
4 February 2020
Academic Promotions Policy
Academic Promotions Procedure
17 January 2020 Third-party Agreement Recordkeeping Guideline
16 January 2020 Managing Conflicts of Interest Policy
16 January 2020 Managing Conflicts of Interest Procedure
16 January 2020 Report Wrongdoing Policy
3 December 2019 Cloud Services Guidelines
15 October 2019 Art Collection Procedure
11 October 2019
Student Code of Conduct
Student Misconduct Procedure
Plagiarism Policy
Student Plagiarism Procedure
29 August 2019 Workplace Technology Policy
12 August 2019
Privacy Policy
9 August 2019
Flexible Work Guidelines
Flexible Work @ UNSW toolkit
Working from Home (or another location) Agreement
18 July 2019
Academic Program Governance Policy
Academic Program Review Procedure
Program Nomenclature Procedure
Academic Offerings Approval Procedure
5 July 2019
Gifts and Benefits Policy
Gifts and Benefits Procedure
HR40 - Form for Registering Gifts and Benefits
21 June 2019 Research Misconduct Procedure
23 April 2019  Flexible Work Guidelines
12 April 2019 Work Health and Safety Plan 2019 - 2023
5 April 2019 Conditions for Award of Master of Philosophy Policy
3 April 2019 Workplace Bullying Prevention Procedure
29 March 2019 Research Code of Conduct
29 March 2019
Competitive Neutrality and Pricing Policy
29 March 2019 Pricing of Externally Funded Knowledge Exchange Procedure
6 March 2019 Centres and Institutes Procedure (and appendices A to F)
15 February 2019 Research Data Governance & Materials Handling Policy
11 January 2019 Oral Examination Procedure
7 January 2019 Data Classification Standard