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Annual Monitoring

The University Academic Quality Committee (UAQC) oversees the monitoring, review and improvement of education- and student-related policy. As part of the monitoring process, feedback on policy documents will be sought approximately one year after approval to check if they are meeting their objectives, they are being implemented and complied with, and to identify any issues to be addressed. Reports on the outcomes of the monitoring process, along with any recommendations, will be considered by UAQC.
Feedback is currently invited on the following policy documents:



Consultation has closed for

Date closed        
13 November 2017
Business Expense Policy
Business Expense Procedure
13 November 2017
Credit Card Policy
Credit Card Procedure
30 October 2017 Coursework Scholarships Procedure
10 October 2017 Student Loans Procedure
10 October 2017
HS933 Working with Nanomaterials Guideline
HS933a - Nanomaterial Risk Control Banding
18 September 2017
International Student Transfer between Registered Providers and PRISMS Reporting Procedure
6 September 2017 University Medal Policy
6 September 2017 University Medal Procedure
28 August 2017 Recordkeeping Policy
28 August 2017
Student Fee Policy
28 August 2017 Student Fee Procedure
4 August 2017 Procurement Policy
4 August 2017 Procurement Procedure
10 July 2017
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Policy
7 July 2017 Legislative Compliance Policy
7 July 2017
Legislative Compliance Procedure
4 July 2017 Progress Review and Confirmation of Research Candidatures Procedure
4 July 2017 Show Cause for Research Candidates Guideline
12 June 2017
Higher Degree Research Scholarships Policy
12 June 2017
Higher Degree Research Scholarships Procedure
29 May 2017 Naming Recognition Procedure
13 April 2017
Data Handling Guidelines
12 April 2017         
Open Access Policy
Open Access and UNSWorks Guidelines
Supplied with a Discussion paper - Implementing an Open Access at UNSW
7 April 2017 Disability Inclusion Action Plan
7 April 2017
Academic Progression and Enrolment Policy
Academic Progression Procedure
Enrolment and Withdrawal Procedure
7 April 2017
Education Quality Policy
Education Quality Procedure
31 March 2017
Gift Acceptance Policy