Credit Card Procedure


Current version (5.2) 12 August 2019 to date
Interim changes affecting this Procedure appear in the COVID-19 Policy Addendum.
Historical version (5.1) 9 August 2018 to 11 August 2019
Historical version (5.0) 30 November 2017 to 8 August 2018
Historical version (4.2) 20 March 2017 to 29 November 2017
Historical version (4.1) 12 July 2016 to 19 March 2017
Historical version (4.0) 8 April 2016 to 11 July 2016
Historical version (3.0) 15 May 2014 to 7 April 2016
Historical version (2.0) 26 July 2013 to 14 May 2014
Historical version (1.0) 16 April 2012 to 25 July 2013

Statement on financial restrictions

Due to the economic impact of COVID-19 on the University, a series of financial restrictions are in place which will take precedence over UNSW policies and procedures for this period.
These currently include:

  • Expenditure on activity under various projects and plans, including the Estate Development Plan, the Estate Improvement Plan, the IT program and the 2025 Strategy is now subject to regular review and adjustment by Management Board.
  • The Management Board Recruitment Sub-committee is reviewing all proposals for new positions, replacement positions, end of contract renewals, contractor engagements and consulting spend across both restricted and unrestricted funds. No appointments or engagements may be made without this Sub-committee’s prior written approval.
  • Staff should reconsider any discretionary expenditure and, as far as possible, expenditure not related to essential services should cease. Expenditure on entertainment and the engagement of consultants is specifically prohibited unless the necessary approval for exceptional circumstances is obtained from the relevant Dean or Management Board Member.
  • Domestic travel is only allowed in limited circumstances. Refer to MyTravel@UNSW.
  • Most University credit cards have been suspended with credit limits reduced to zero, effective from 7 May 2020. Some exceptions in each Faculty/Division, for essential business expenditure where other payment methods are not possible or for spend against restricted funds (e.g. research grants), have been communicated to your relevant Management Board member/Dean.
The impact of COVID-19 on the University is profound and subject to existing contractual obligations all staff are expected to minimise, delay or cancel any expenditure that does not relate to essential activities. If staff need assistance in relation to current contractual obligations, they may contact the UNSW Legal Office for advice.
Implementation of these measures is effective immediately. The continuation of these measures, and any changes to these measures, will be at the discretion of the President and Vice-Chancellor.