Version Control


A version identifier should appear on each version of a draft University-wide document.
Drafts should initially be identified as Draft v0.1 Date Month Year. In subsequent drafts, the number to the right of the point is increased. For example, Draft v0.2 Date Month Year, Draft v0.3 Date Month Year. The word 'DRAFT' should also be included as a watermark on each page.

Example: The fourth draft of a Policy written on 9 April 2016 would be labelled Draft v0.4 9 April 2016.
When a document is sent for approval it must have a version identifier in the footer, eg. Version v0.9 30 November 2016. The version number changes once a document is approved.
After approval Governance will update the version number, approval date and effective date prior to publishing the document on the Governance Policy List.

New Documents

When a document is first approved it is identified as Version 1.0 Effective Date Month Year.
Example: A new Policy sent for approval on 30 November 2016 as Draft v0.9 30 November 2016 would become Version 1.0 Effective 1 January 2017 if approved with an effective date commencing on 1 January 2017.
Amendments Approval of an administrative update or an authorised amendment is identified by increasing the number to the right of the point by 1 when the document is approved. (Version 1.1 Effective Date Month Year, Version 1.2 and so on).
Example: An amendment is made to Version 1.0 Effective 1 January 2017 of a Policy and approved (effective immediately) on 1 June 2017. The Policy is now Version 1.1 Effective 1 June 2017.


After a full review and approval the number to the left of the decimal point increases by 1 and the number to the right returns to 0.
Example: v2.4 of a Policy is fully reviewed and approved with the same title effective 13 October 2016. The Policy is now Version 3.0 Effective 13 October 2016.