Local Documents

Documents that are University-wide in application include Codes of Conduct, Policies, Standards, Procedures and Guidelines (these are referred to as University-wide Documents). Additionally, Standards, Procedures and Guidelines may be created which are specific to a particular Division, Faculty or School. These are referred to as Local Documents.
Local Documents:

  • have the same compliance status as for University-wide Standards, Procedures and Guidelines
  • must not be inconsistent with University-wide Codes of Conduct, Policies, Standards, Procedures and Guidelines covering the same, or similar, subject-matter
  • must include local Division, Faculty or School branding and clearly state which Division/Faculty/School or other business unit they apply to
  • are approved by a Dean (for Faculties), a Head of School (for Schools) or Director (for Divisions).
When developing Local Documents it is not mandatory to follow the detailed procedures that are required for the development of University-wide Documents, however it is strongly recommended that the key steps depicted in the Document Development Cycle are followed.
The UNSW Standard, Procedure and Guideline Templates may be used to create a Local Document. The branding used by the Division, Faculty of School should be inserted at the top of the document to distinguish it from a University-wide Document.
For further information refer to Section 6 of the Policy Framework Procedure.
Contact Governance for advice: policy@unsw.edu.au